Attukal Waterfalls

Past the dense jungles of Munnar, enroute to Pallivasal, lies the cascading Attukal Waterfalls. The cascading plunge of the waterfalls are often seen from afar. As you meet up with to the falls you'll be able to see the pearly froth streaming and flowing down, twisting, turning and shooting past, over and below large sleek, sheeny boulders because it makes it journey downstream.

You can approach the Attukal waterfalls through a slim wood bridge. Ice cold, the water gushes around in an exceedingly steady cadence with mist rising and from time to time the whole region round the water becomes foggy and semitransparent. The walk up to the waterfalls may be a treat in itself. high hills wrapped in inexperienced and blooming with seasonal flowers fill the horizon as way as you'll be able to stretch your gaze. If the water level is low you'll be able to walk up to the rocks and paddle within the water. Serene and romantic, Attukal waterfalls is additionally a wonderful web site for a spot of trekking.