Lockhart Gap

Some nice Hiking, some stunning scenes and a cool atmosphere that’s what Lockhart GAP is all concerning. aloof from the jammed, overdeveloped and buzzing places, Lansdowne could be a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate yourself off from the hustle & bustle of town.

Its simply thirteen kms off from Moonnar wherever you'll see this stunning and scenic place .On the thanks to Madurai this is often on Moonnar Madurai National road .An ideal place for trekking and journey business Lockhart Gap is commonly Triticum spelta as Lockheart Gap .

The attraction of this place is that the scenic beauty and it's been another by the silver clouds that is value observation .We get a view of the encircling places from here .From Lockhart Gap we will see the attractive bovid depression and also the close hills extending up to Thekkady in periyar . there's a natural cave on Lockhart Gap road close to the rock face .This place is best for a picnic and defrayal leisure .The get into the inside of tea estate and also the climate can for sure truthfulness you and you'll ne'er be ready to forget the expertise even though it's atiny low place .You will be desperate to return bak once more and once more.